Monday, January 8th, 2024

Common rules for slots games

Although the first impression of a new slot machine can be overwhelming and intense, you quickly learn that playing slot machines is generally quite simple. This is because all slot machines are based on the same principle: lining up symbols in a winning combination. So, to make it easier to understand, especially for new online casino players, we’ve put together a guide that covers the main elements you’ll encounter.

Below you’ll find a collection of buttons found on the front of most slot machines. It won’t look the same on every slot machine, but some of these features are available on the absolute majority of slot machines.

Coin value: select the value of each coin.

Payline: choose how many paylines you want to bet on.

Bet Level: Choose how many coins you wish to bet on each active payline.

Max bet: Activates games for a maximum bet with a single click.

Paytable: an overview of winning symbol combinations, special symbols and extra features.

Autospin: The reels automatically spin a set number of times.


In order to win money, you usually have to bet money. This is the first step when you start the game. Most slot machines offer variations based on three factors defined above, namely coin value, paylines and bet level. The ability to regulate these three variables varies from game to game, but generally, you have an excellent chance of adjusting the stake to suit your wallet and mood. Keep in mind that the bigger the stake you use, the bigger the winnings you can take home. As a rule, maximum stake games are required to win jackpots and progressive jackpots. On the other hand, of course, it’s quicker to lose money if you play for high stakes, so make sure you find a balance that suits you. Some people prefer to play for low stakes on many paylines, while others prefer to bet a larger amount on a few paylines.

Bet blue button

Getting started Once you have adjusted your stake, simply start the game by clicking on the spin button. The reels will then start spinning, hopefully stopping on a winning symbol combination. As mentioned above, the winning combinations can be seen in the slot’s paytable. Your active bet lines are automatically controlled by the slot machine, so you don’t need to know what the symbols mean, but being a little bit in the know can add some excitement to the game. There are some symbols of special significance in many slot machines that you should pay extra attention to.